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Skills Centre


At Calgary Villains, we provide age-appropriate and stage-appropriate learning environments for all players, regardless of age, gender, and ability.

In this approach, each training session is built around activity “stations” that the players move around at regular intervals. Each session could have multiple topics, skill components, and small-sided games. The stations focus on Fundamental Movement, Soccer Technique, Coordination, and Small Sided Games.


The goal is to have players in a session that challenges him or her to the best of their ability. Players can be played in the age group above or age group below ” Bio Banding” to ensure proper placement for skill development.


To create an environment, which is safe, appropriate, and fun. Players engaged and developed in the proper grouping.


We offer a variety of different programs to best suit the needs of our members.

Our Recreational Skills Development Training programs focus on developing the basic fundamental skills needed to play the game. Learning to enjoy the ball while helping develop a passion for the game. Session ran by C License and Child License Coaches.

Our Development Academy Training program focuses on delivering high-quality training sessions to help develop the individual player. Program lead Uefa Pro Munib Koric.

Our Sports Science Department focuses on the speed, power, mechanics, and injury prevention of our athletes. These are run Outdoor at our club fields or Indoors at our Turf facility. 

Our GGX Program focuses even more on individual player development and builds on what is being taught at the Rec and Dev’t level. These programs run outside of the normal program of play.