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High Performance U13+

We will have the following ASYL teams for 2023

  • 2007 AYSL Boys
  • 2007 AYSL Girls
  • 2008 AYSL Boys
  • 2008 AYSL Girls
  • 2009 Boys & Girls Intake – March 2023. Players will sign for the club to take part in our AYSL program.

IF YOU ARE WANTING TO BE ASSESSED FOR THE CLUB’S AYSL PROGRAM PLEASE EMAIL: Calvin Campbell – AYSL Program Lead  and we will provide more details. 

AYSL Program Details

Program Fee Outdoor 2023 $1700.00 with 4 instalments.

  • League Play will be provided by AYSL on 11vs11 Game Format
  • 48 Academy Hours with Uefa Pro Munib Koric 
  • Weekly Sports Science @ Villains Training Centre with Certified Strength Coach Calvin Worthen
  • Physio Therapist provided for all Calgary Based Games
  • Concussion & Baseline testing for Athletes
  • Sports Psychology sessions
  • Video Breakdown of all games both home and away
  • Mandatory Bus for all away games in Edmonton
  • European Tour / Additional Club Showcase Options Provided
AYSL Away Kit


We will be looking to have an Open House at the Villains Training Centre prior to the Intake for all new AYSL groups. Teams from previous years will continue training camp and new players will be brought into these training camps. When it is a new intake program which happens in March of each year we will run open assessments for those new team selections. 

New Players – If your son or daughter was not a part of an AYSL intake or was not registered with our program and would like to be considered for our program please email AYSL lead Calvin Campbell

As per CMSA rules, all open houses and club programming trials will take place during the open contact period. You are able to register for our programs through the club memberzone and that can be done when registration opens – February 1st & August 15 of each year. 


2022 – 2023 Season – 
U14 Boys & Girls – 2009 Born ( March 2023)
U15 Boys & Girls – 2008 Born
U16 Boys & Girls – 2007 Born
2023 – 2024 Season – SUBJECT TO REVIEW BY THE AYSL

U14 Boys & Girls – 2010 Born (September 2023 Intake)
U15 Boys & Girls – 2009 Born
U16 Boys & Girls – 2008 Born
U17 Boys & Girls – 2007 Born

Should you have any questions on AYSL please reach out to program lead Calvin Campbell –


Calgary Villains FC was awarded the National Youth Club License in 2020 and as a result, has been approved to take part in the Alberta Youth Soccer League (AYSL). 

We are 1 of 3 new AYSL clubs for the 2007 and 2008 intake and only these clubs who have already been announced can take part in this program for this age group.

The planned implementation will be one new birth year annually at the U14 age group for both boys and girls. This league is limited to those only who have achieved the National Youth Club License and those clubs must maintain a specific standard to stay in the league.

How Does One Obtain The License: The Canada Soccer National Youth Club License recognizes the highest achieving organizations from across Canada and rewards them with the Canada Soccer Approved Youth Soccer Club endorsement. Organizations achieving this license display characteristics and demonstrate behaviours aligned with the highest expectations of governance, administration, infrastructure, and technical support their PTSO and Canada Soccer Pathways and participate in the highest level of competition in Canada; the Canada Soccer Player Development Program.

Program Intake: All players from our club in the intake age group will be invited to an open combine and players outside the club will also be allowed to take part but must email the club to fill out the proper paperwork for liability and insurance purposes.


We will run in-house drop-in sessions for our own AYSL intake so we have an understanding of who wants to play from both inside the club and outside the club. With our new training center located at Blackfoot and Glenmore, we will be able to provide a more detailed training program for our players and be able to ensure a full-year program for the teams.

New players will have program intakes in March and in September for each program launch.


GGX – This program is run by UEFA pro-Munib Koric who is our club academy director. This program is designed for Villain players wanting additional sessions outside the club program. Players are welcome to attend from other clubs if looking for additional training they are currently not getting at their club. Our AYSL programs will take part in this additional training to prepare for the upcoming season.


Each summer, we will be working with Real Madrid to come to Calgary to offer a week-long camp to players both inside and outside the club. Earlybird registration will be provided to our members first and then opened up to anyone outside of the club. We have sent teams to Real Madrid for training camps and European Tours and this has allowed us to grow our partnership and relationship with Real Madrid. Please see our Camps and Academy Tab for more information specifically on Real Madrid Summer Camp. We are looking to host Real Madrid in summer of 2023


Our academy director has created and developed some of the best partnerships with academies across the world due to his former playing career. This has allowed us to send teams to Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Spain, England, Austria to name a few. We look to offer European Tours every season over spring break in March or in the middle of August depending on location. Please see our Camps and Academy tab for more information on our European Tour brochures and destinations.

2007,2008 Girls – Spring 2023 Real Madrid Spain

2007,2008 Boys – Spring 2023 Germany

2009 Spring 2024 – Real Madrid Spain