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Training will take place at Villains Training Centre – 830 59 Ave S.E

Any New AYSL players email our club to advise of your intent to join our program: and you will want to register into the AYSL Program Sku in our Memberzone. 

Families who are not placed with our club after Registration will receive a refund if we do not have a team for them.

Assessment Process & Details

1. Players put into training groups based on their birth year first and must attend those sessions.

2. Players moved into training groups based on where the club feels is the best placement for 2nd session

3. Minimum of 2 sessions in front of club staff before they finalize roster, more sessions with larger intake groups

4. Players placed into pre-season training groups with discussions from assessments and team staff coaches

5. Players continued to move up and down through pre-season camp and up until we finish CMSA pre-season games

6. Training camps and pre-season play does not mean final rosters.

7. The club will have the final say on all player placements but will look to place like-minded players together where possible.

8. U7,U8,Will be invited out to assessments but those teams are created with friend requests as the priority and then looking at like-minded players next.

Players are to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time and will check-in at the front reception area where they will be advised on what pinnie and team field they will be on.  Please ensure players are ready to take part in soccer activities with club training shirts, club training shorts, soccer socks and cleats or shoes.

Recreational Program we take into considerations friend requests, previous team roster and look to continue to group like-minded players together. Recreational players assessed at a higher level will be invited out to take part in the competitive session, but this will be optional.

Competitive Program players go through an assessment with field staff in varying formats of 2vs2 up to 7vs7.  This may also include friendlies and club games within an age group regardless of group.

If you still need to purchase a club training kit you can do that at the Reception inside the Villains Training Centre. Training kit consists of Club Dri Fit shirt, Shorts and training socks.

U13-U19 Tier 1,2 & AYSL Programs

Teams will be placed as a training group from the previous season but will include everyone from that age group. New players will be added to the training group and run through pre season camps before final team selections.

Players who are in the competitive program may be placed on recreational teams but will continue the full competitive training program.

Training Schedules

All registered members will added to a team snap account that will provide all club training and games during the season. 


Yearly Training Plan

Club curriculum runs in the following blocks:

  • U4-U6
  • U7-U9
  • U10-U12
  • U13-U17

CVFC Policies & Procedures

  • Coming Soon

CVFC Training Schedules

Development  vs Development Plus Programming

Development Stream

Our Development Stream (Recreational stream) program is designed for the player that is involved in multiple activities. The program builds on the House League ” Grassroots Young Villains” by introducing players to the game in a fun setting where they develop soccer skills and knowledge while also learning life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and respect. Playing time is as close to equal as possible to be fair to all players. The Club will attempt to keep teams together from season to season where possible to allow the players to build strong friendships and a sense of community. Typically as players move into U12 and older this is easily achieved. All players (U7 and U19) will get consistent technical training or skill centre programming throughout the season of play. This could be 6-8 sessions or 8-12 sessions pending on the age of the player. Our Club staff who are certified in Youth License, Children License and C License will oversee this program. We feel this will take pressure off the coaches and teams can then have an optional team practice if they need or when they need it through the season.

Development Plus Stream

This program is designed to meet the needs of the top players in the city or players who want to be provided with more training and sessions. Players registering in the Development Plus program will be automatically registered into the Golden Goal Soccer Academy at the time of registration. Academy players will receive 1-3 sessions per week under the direction of Munib Koric. The number of sessions and length of the session is determined by the program season and the player’s age. The fee is already included in club registration when you register for this stream and payment plans are created upfront to divide into instalments. Please note players in the recreational stream are able to take extra Academy sessions and should reach out to the Villains registrar to get this included in your registration fees.


Real Madrid Camp

The Real Madrid Camp Experience offer’s the unique and exciting opportunity to experience specialized soccer training through this official partnership between Calgary Villains & Real Madrid Foundation. The camps will bring expert UEFA coaches from Madrid, educated under the world’s most successful soccer team methodology, to help young players improve their soccer skills. The camp will be run by Madrid staff and supported by our own UEFA Pro Coach Munib Koric.


Registration will take place through our Powerup Memberzone Portal.

Volunteer Levy

In order for the club to function at our best we need volunteer help! As a result, the Board has decided to add a volunteer levy to the fees which started in the Outdoor 2019 season. This is especially important in seasons when we have a Casino, but over and above that, the Villains Training Centre has ample opportunity to help both pre and post-season of play.  That said, families can work off the Volunteer Levy by assisting in coaching or managerial roles, tryouts, start and end-of-season inventory, evaluations, assessments, jamboree festival, parking marshall, and field maintenance support to name a few. 10 full hours completed are needed in roles outside of our team staff roles. Our competitor clubs almost universally institute volunteer levies but do not provide a way to work it off if needed. When a family completes the volunteer requirement the $100.00 will be returned to their Member zone account at the end of the season as a credit for the following season.

As it is easier for us to budget and administer a revenue adjustment for the next season rather than a series of refunds in the current season the Board decided to refund the Volunteer fee as a credit to the next season.

Please note that Head Coaches U7-U19 CMSA Program will get an additional $100.00 Credit applied to their account to use in the following season starting Outdoor 2023. Team Staff roles which include head coach, assistant coach and manager must all be approved in CMSA with Respect in sports, Making ethical decisions and any other necessary requirements by the league. 

Please volunteer to help us make our Club and our programs even better in the future!

Uniform Policy

The club uniform plays an integral part in the forging of club identity and in building both a sense of community and of pride in the organization. This can only be accomplished if all Calgary Villains F.C teams wear the complete club uniform and club training kit so that no matter what the division, no matter what the occasion, the team can be readily identified as representing Calgary Villains F.C.

The club does not allow teams to purchase their own uniforms or training kit to be worn in any club events that are not apart of our currently approved designs.

U7-U9 CMSA Festival Game Day


Players can wear the Club Macron Training Shorts for all training and games in this level. We do have mass grassroots shorts that we can provide to new players.


Players can wear black grassroots mass socks for games or the team can choose to wear the club training socks as game socks.  This would be a team decision but must be only club-approved socks.

Game Day Shirt 

Players are provided with new festival shirts in our U7-U9 program. The shirt will continue to be used for two full years ( 4 seasons) so parents don’t need to purchase additional items. This is kept at season end by the players and can be worn through U7-U9 Programming.

U10-U17 CMSA Game Day

Macron Game Shorts & Socks are provided to all new players each season. Returning players can purchase additional at any time through the club facility reception desk. 

Outdoor 2023 will see new game shorts and new game socks to be used. The club will provide all players with 1 new set and the opportunity to purchase more if needed.

Macron game jersey is loaned each season and must be returned with the team set at the end of the season to be used for future programs. Jersey’s not returned will be $100.00 charge to families so please make sure they are returned directly at the season’s end. 

Club Game Wear

Jerseys are loaned out to the team each season but must be returned washed and in good condition at the end of the season. Failure to return Jerseys washed and able to be used in a future season will result in $100.00 replacement fee. Teams cannot purchase their own kits and must wear club-approved ones.

Socks new players to the club will get game socks when they first sign in the club.

Shorts will be given to players when they register with the club for the first time. Once players need additional size they can purchase these directly through the club facility along with socks.  

All Club training kits, hats, hoodies, and backpacks can be purchased at the Villains Facility during office hours. 

Players must all have Training Shirts, Black Training Shorts, Blue Socks from U9-U19 Programs.  All other items are optional but teams are encouraged to purchase team hoodies, backpacks, or 1/4 zips that are worn to games, training and practices.

Refund Policy

Registering a player in any of the Calgary Villains Soccer Programs, and signing the registration form will ensure the policy on refunds of fees for players who do not participate in any or part of the program they registered for as per below. Please note telephone requests are not considered valid for any refund claim.

All refunds are subject to the withholding of the non-refundable administration fee, CMSA player registration fee, and any amount to cover costs already incurred on the player’s behalf.  Each case will be reviewed on it’s own so long as it falls within the criteria mentioned below. Only the board of directors is involved in refunds and club staff do not have a vote or say on any claim.

CMSA League Programs & Adult Programs

Refunds will be considered, less a $200 admin fee, when made in writing on or prior to the first day of club-wide evaluation, team selection or team training ( for any age group) to the attention of .  After the first day of club-wide team selections, training or programming the club will not entertain any refund requests. There are no refunds due to team placement.

Telephone requests are not valid. Please note that players who choose to quit a team or withdraw in the season must pay out all remaining fees before a release. This includes any future payments, sports science fees, academy fees and any future instalments. The club installments are not covering a period of time in training but are used to spread out the payments for families.

Deadline Date For CMSA Program March 19 @ 1159pm

U3-U8 Young Villains Grassroots Program

Refunds will be considered, less a $50 admin fee when made in writing on or prior to April 1 of the Outdoor Season, October 1 of the Indoor season.

Payment Plans

Did you know that we offer Payment Plans for all programs in the club.  We understand that it can be difficult to make a full payment upfront with registration and as a result, we have various payment plans that we can set up for your family.  In our Development- (Academy program) we already have a Three Payment Plan in place and in our AYSL Program we have a 4 payment installment plan in place that is approved at the checkout stage of your registration.

Outdoor Registration – February 1st

Indoor Registration – August 1st

This plan can be modified or provided to our other programs if needed.  In order for us to do this, you will need to have a profile created and all players who will be playing attached to your account ready for registration.  Please contact our club Registrar to have this set up for you in either our Competitive Stream or Recreational Stream

Kid Sport Application

If your family requires financial assistance please fill out and fax the application form below. Please keep in mind the policy whenever applying for financial assistance:

  • The grants from either program can only be used once in each year
  • The grants cover anywhere from $150.00 – $400.00 per family member playing.
  • The registration will not be processed and will be waiting till the funds are received by the club
  • A Family can pay for complete registration for the player to start playing right away and a refund or credit will be given for the amount Kidsport covers over and above the program fees.  A refund will not be given if more payments are still due by the family ( ie. Future program payments)

    Kidsport Application Form 

    Canadian Tire Jumpstart

    Villains Angels Subsidy

    As a club, Calgary Villains F.C operates on a break-even budget: the money we raise through player subscriptions, fundraising and sponsorship is spent entirely to provide equipment, practice facilities, CMSA league and field fees. Essentially, what comes in, goes out and we need the fees we charge to balance our budgets.

    Many Families playing with the club cannot afford the fees necessary to participate in the Calgary soccer development experience and these families can apply for financial assistance through awesome programs like ” Kidsport” and ” Jumpstart”. However, there are many families in Calgary accessing these programs and, due to funding limitations, these programs can only afford to pay a portion of our Club’s breakeven costs. It is important to also notice that families can only use these programs once per calendar year. Families who are supported by these programs must provide information detailing their income, resources and expenditures. Once approved by Kidsport or Jumpstart our club is made aware that the family meets a financial need.

    The Club sponsors the balance of costs for these players but, in the current economic environment, it is challenging for the Club to make ends meet as more and more families need help. We are therefore reaching out to you, our members, for your help. If you are able, through our program ” The Villains Angels”, you can contribute to a fund that will help support those children in our program who are in need from U3-U18.

    You may make a general contribution or choose to support a particular child or family. You can make an anonymous contribution or be recognized on our Villains Angel’s page on the website; you may contribute individually or through your company and any amount would be greatly received. We have generous uniform sponsors who pay for uniform and equipment rights Club wide so this program does not include naming rights and does not contemplate sponsorship for individual teams.

    If you are interested in helping families in need in our program please contact:

    Calvin Campbell

    Facility Operations.


    twitter: @calgaryvillains