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In order for the club to function at our best we need volunteer help! As a result, the Board has decided to add a volunteer levy to the fees which started in the Outdoor 2019 season. This is especially important in seasons when we have a Casino.  That said, families can work off the Volunteer Levy by assisting in coaching or managerial roles, tryouts, start and end of season inventory, assisting with evaluations, assessments and club-wide events. 15 Hrs are needed within our system to cover your Volunteer levy. Volunteer levies are almost universally instituted by our competitor clubs and many are higher than the $100 we charge. When a family completes the volunteer requirement the $100.00 will be returned to their Member zone account at the end of the season as a credit to be used in the following season.  Team staff ( Coaches, Manager, Assistant) will need to be on the CMSA roster with police clearance done in order to be eligible as a team staff for the volunteer bond.

As it is easier for us to budget and administer a revenue adjustment for the next season rather than a series of refunds in the current season the Board decided to refund the Volunteer fee as a credit to the next season. HOWEVER, if a player decides to leave the program and a volunteer fee is owed by the Club the fee will be paid upon request.

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