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CMSA programs start at U7 and run until U19. This is the next step once players finish our U3-U8 Young Villains Grassroots Stream or from community soccer in another club.

Our program is supported and guided by qualified club staff who ensure program curriculum as well as a lifelong passion for the game. Our staff program leads are all certified through Alberta Soccer & Canada Soccer and many have been involved in the club as players and staff for many years. Our Recreational Program Staff have been involved with Villains as players and coaches for over 15 years and our Academy staff has served for over 20 years at our club. We have the longest-serving staff at one club in the city and something we take great pride in.

U7-U8: Play within the CMSA City League (1 Program option at this age group). These players will take part in club practice, club skills centres and weekly match day festivals. U9-U19 is where our program splits into two streams for families to look at. We offer the development Stream ( formerly called the recreational stream) for multi-sport families looking for fewer contacts per week. In this stream, we offer skill centre training as part of our stream. U8 players can sign into our U9 Development Plus program if they are looking to make the jump into our academy training program.

U9-U19 Development Plus (Formerly Competitive stream) is for players who are wanting more training with higher certified staff. Our program is led by Munib Koric who holds a UEFA Pro license which is the highest certification a coach can obtain in any country. Munib achieved his license while spending time at Real Madrid’s Club as part of his licensing pathway. Munib is the only TD of a club in our city that has this licensing and is one of a small handful in the country. Munib has been with our club for 21 years and is the longest-serving Technical Lead in Calgary.

As players move into the U12 Development Plus program, they are now introduced to sports science and video analysis every so often during the season. As players move into U13 -U19 Development Plus will see players getting consistent sports science and video analysis as part of our program on top of more training hours with our academy staff.

AYSL which is the high-performance stream will have more sessions and more programming as the season length and components are different than that of CMSA and the length of the season is longer. AYSL also includes physio for all home games provided by the club, a team bus for all away trips as well as incorporating sports psychology.

We run internal pre-season training camps, winter and summer camps, GGX and much more for our members. We have our own 15000 SQFT free span turf centre where almost all indoor training takes place and are now in the process of building the Villains 11vs11 Soccer Dome coming Summer 2024.

*To Register you must have a PowerUp Member Zone account. Returning families you are able to log in directly and finish off registration. If you are a new player and your old club used PowerUp you are able to login with the same information and transfer your family profile over. If you are a new player and your old club did not use PowerUp you just need to create an account for your family.


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Program Breakdown
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Program Breakdown
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Friend Request

We understand the importance of playing with friends and building a strong community spirit which is why at the time of registration we are happy to accommodate a friend request in our Rec Program.

At the time of checkout, you are able to write the name of a player you would like to play with. It is important that the other parent writes your child’s name when they check out so we can look at the friend request in our recreational program.  Players cannot request a team or a coach in the friend request slot.

If you forget at registration please send us an email and we will add a note to the player account so that when rostering takes place we can ensure your request is met. We will do our best to give you your top choice, assuming both yourself and the other family have each other as the friend request and that players are close in ability through our assessment process.

Can you guarantee my Friend Request?

We will do our best to look at the friend request but we cannot guarantee all requests as we need to look at the team placement of each player, and also ensure both families agreed to the friend request. 

Can I Request a Coach?

The friend request feature is for our Young Villains and Recreational Stream only. As much as we appreciate families wanting a specific coach, we cannot have families request a specific coach.

How Many Friend Requests Can I put?

When you put your friend requests in please make sure you put them in order. 

1. Player 1

2. Player 2

We will not be able to entertain requests past these options and need to ensure the opposing family has it listed too.

Coaches We Need You!

WE NEED YOU! For all of our programs to be a success we need your help! All coaches are volunteers and we appreciate the enthusiasm and knowledge you bring to the field. We need your help again and look forward to working with you. We will also be hiring Age Group leads that will oversee specific age groups to support coaches on a weekly basis.

All team staff ( Coaches, assistants, and Managers) will need to be added to the roster through the CMSA portal to be allowed behind the bench as well as to run games for the club. These staff will also automatically have their volunteer bond returned at the season end to be used in a future program. Head Coaches will also be given an in-store $50 Credit for club wear over and above what we will be providing team staff.

If you do not have a child in the program and would like to coach you can still make a MemberZone Profile with your information.  On the left-hand side of the MemberZone, you will see a tab that says ” Volunteer Now” This tab will take you through the remainder of the steps to complete the process.  We want to also help develop and mould our coaches and support them in getting licensing through Canada Soccer Pathway.  We will put on coaching courses for licensing streams, but coaches can also register in other courses if the timing doesn’t work and will be reimbursed in the following club season so long as they have continued to coach in our club.